Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time off ...

Time is one of the four-letter word that many have taken for granted. Even more so by those who hold high and important positions. Why? Because they know no one will reprimand them.

Time you! (Imagine replacing this four letter word with a nasty four-letter word!

Please respect other people's time too as lost time can never be recovered.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ramadan came and gone ...

It is troubling to see how fast Ramadan came and gone this year. I would like to believe that I have become a better Muslim but not even close.

It is sad but it is the truth. I hope I can get a chance to experience the true meaning of Ramadan next year.

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Monday, September 21, 2009


Someone asked me what I thought of 1Malaysia concept a couple of weeks back. I didn't answer him immediately as my mind was thinking of something else. So he stated that Malaysia has always been 1 before, why bother bringing up the 1Malaysia issue. He went on and on about a whole lot of other issue regarding Malaysia and the direction we are heading if leadership does not take heed of the warning signs.

There are certain points that I agree and of course, there are those that I disagree. So I quickly cut this conversation short by shouting (not that loud) 1MMalaysian with the emphasis on the MM. All he said was ' Tak boleh nak sebut betul betul ke?'

I smiled and answered, 1MMalaysian is I am Malaysian. What I love about Malaysia is our cultures and great respect we all had for each other when I was growing up. I am lucky because I grew up in the midst of two main cultures - Malay and Chinese. My exposure to the Indian culture came through my dad's friends and again it is the same as everyone respected each other's preference whether it is religion, type of food, beliefs etc etc. That's what I could recall about 25 - 30 years ago that people put collective feeling ahead rather that individual feelings.

Today the word "I" has infiltrated into most minds and therefore modified how the best and not so best minds in Malaysia. We are adopting the Mat Salleh mentality of grooming self confidence: To be good or respected one must have great self confidence. Slowly, we teach our young that individualistic is the only way to become successful.

Now. self confidence is important especially when it comes to your own capability but it should not be confused with self centered mindset. We all know that the planets revolve around the one sun we see up in the sky but why some individuals think that just because they are someone high / smart / rich / powerful, the world must revolve around them?

I digress ... 1Malaysia concept is to encourage Malaysians to be United (MU) once again. Hey, no wonder many Malaysias follow Manchester United (MU). But as long as every person / political party in Malaysia forms individual opinions of how Malaysia should be ... it will be difficult. Malaysia is not about Malays, Chinese and Indians. What about the Penans, the Ibans, the Jakuns, the Negritos, the Kadazans etc? It is also not about those in BN or PR!! What about those who do not belong to either affiliation?

If we want Malaysia to be better ... everyone must try to put others first before own interest. Easier said that done ... damage has been done because every kid I see nowadays like to shout "Mine". The toy / drink / food is mine! Concept of sharing only exists in our minds now as it slowly exits our heart and soul.

And all I could do is sigh ......

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another record ...

No blogs at all for the month of February ... and it seems March will not be much different also.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last day of January ...

Every year .. I take note how January ended for me because it is normally a good indication on how I would fare for the remaining of the year. The last three years (2006 until 2008) were very accurate especially 2008 when it started out great the first three weeks of January and with some confusion by the final week of January.

January 2009 is so far the worst for me. So does that mean 2009 is going to be a really bad year for me? Hmm .. I am not sure but I cannot seem to get a hold of myself lately. I am no longer in control of my life. Situation around me seems to be dictating my judgment and also my sanity. My dreams are becoming more vivid and more often on a similar theme. Worse, my health seems to be spiralling out of control. To add salt to the wound, I currently doing my Master's programme right now.

Can my mind and physical being continue to take the beatings should January represents the whole of 2009? I am so lost ... spiritually and emotionally.

'When I look to the right, I find nothing is right and when I look to the left, there is nothing left'. That's how I feel right now. By the way, I am quoting this from some guy who gave a speech at the Techniker Ball in Graz yesterday. Will quote his name if I can get hold of it.